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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why is Soft washing better than high pressure washing?


A:  Typical pressure washing utilizes 3000 psi or more of high pressure water to blast the dirt and debris off your home.  Not only does it do more to force dirt, water and mold up behind the siding, it also fails to kill off existing mold and mildew that will in turn start growing shortly thereafter.  Softwashing, on the other hand, relies on specialized landscape friendly cleaning, and brightening agents that lift the dirt and debris, kill off mold and mildew and brighten the surface, while allowing for a low pressure rinse of your home.


Q:  Will the cleaners harm any landscaping?


A:  Not at all.  Our cleaners and brighteners are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.  Before applying any chemicals, we also take special care to water down any plants, as well as rinsing the plants after our treatment process.


Q:  Are the exterior windows cleaned as well with a hose wash?


A:  Our crews will soap and rinse the windows to remove surface dirt, debris and cobwebs.  They are not squeegee clean however.  If you would like your windows and screens professionally cleaned please discuss this with your representative the time of your quote.  


Q:  How often should I have my house washed?


A:  The frequency between washing really depends on several factors.  Some homes simply collect dirt, debris and cobwebs more rapidly than others.  Homes in areas with an abundance of moisture and shade tend to have more issues with mold and mildew growth than those out in the open.  In a nutshell, some clients have us wash their homes annually but the majority will have us out every second to third year; so its really up to you!

Q:  Do I need to remove any furniture from my patio before you show up?

A:  In order to prevent damage to any of your property such as outdoor couches, or planters, we kindly ask you to remove any articles away from the house before the technician arrives, since we sometimes work alone.

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